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EasyICOs is the multi chain community-governed IDO platform that caters to the needs of both projects and investors alike.The key advantage of owning EasyICOs token ($EIC) are governance rights of voting for and participating in IDOs. Our community-governed platform will be an integral part of bringing new and existing projects and protocols into the Parasol ecosystem while enabling our community members to invest early. In the process, EasyICOs and the $EIC token will become a foundation for enabling further development with partners, the community, and the ecosystem as a whole.

What is EasyICOs?

EasyICOs is an ecosystem that helps investors diversify their decentralized finances (DeFi). The EasyICOs ecosystem includes,

  • Launching a platform that allows users to mint and airdrop their tokens
  • dIDO launchpad for decentralized fundraising
  • Launching a platform that can create NFTs on multi chain (BSC, Ethereum, xDai, Polygon etc..)

EasyICOs Ecosystem Solutions for DeFi

  1. 1.Informative Governed Launchpad:IDO application form will have everything listed on it – competitive price, application timeline, defined timescales, and documentation.
  2. 2.Equal IDO Investment opportunity: We offer healthy opportunities for both private and public investors by limiting the investment sizes. It’s undertaken in a fair approach for purchasing IDO tokens.


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