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Public Presale / Phase 1

EasyICOs is pleased to announce that Public Presale 1 for EIC will commence on 8 Jan, 2022 at 21:00:00 GMT and ends on 19th Jan, 2022 at 21:00:00 GMT.

  • Token Price: 1 EIC = 0.000125 BNB (~0.06 USD)
  • Token Presale Amount: 10,000,000 EIC
  • Hard Cap: 600,000.00 USDC

Token Distribution

You’ll receive the EasyICOs tokens $EIC in your wallet immediately after finish purchase.

Terms and Conditions:

Order limits

There is a general minimum for the public presale that is set at 0.1 BNB. You will not be able to place orders that are lower than this amount. On the high side, there are limits that you can see on your dashboard. The general limit is a minimum of 0.1BNB. Minimum buying amount 0.1 BNB

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